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מכסה מוגן ילדים בקוטר 89 מ"מ

New 89 mm Child-Resistant Cap

In order to address the needs of the medical cannabis market, Gil Pack has developed a unique cap that fits wide mouth plastic or glass containers. It can be used on jars with a wide mouth of 89 mm (SP400 89), suitable for packing medical cannabis inflorescences, medical cannabis capsules, or any other product that is hazardous to children, such as iron products, etc.

Screw Cap with the Client’s Logo

In order to provide a response for our clients’ growing need to differentiate their products on store shelves, we have developed designated injection molds for caps and closures with the option of customizing the mold to produce caps bearing our clients’ logos.
Developed P.E.N Bottles with a Retractable Valve for Sevoflurane

Uniquely Developed P.E.N Bottles with a Retractable Valve for Sevoflurane

One of our European clients from the pharmaceutical industry approached us with a request to develop a bottle with a cap to be used by the client for filling and packing an anesthetic liquid called Sevoflurane, which is used in operating rooms.
אריזות פלסטיק מתאימות למוצרי קנאביס רפואי

Gil Pack responds to the increasing demand for medical cannabis plastic packaging

We are witnessing a rising demand for several packaging products that respond to the needs and requirements of this burgeoning industry. We are adapting fast to this sector’s needs by designing and producing the required products and developing new customized solutions.
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