Cylindrical Jars with Hinged Lid

    Application: Cylindrical hinged jars used for filling and packing of medicine and food supplements in a form of tablets, capsules, soft gels, powders and granules.

    Cylinderical jars have a wide mouth, comfortable for use with a measuring cup or a measuring spoon.

    Material: HDPE (High-density polyethylene)

    Closures: Our Snap On,Hinged Cap with a Tamper Evident Ring. Sizes: 43 mm, 60 mm, 95 mm.

    Colors: White, any custom color is available starting at a minimum order of 25,000 units.

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    FAQ for Cylindrical Jars with Hinged Lid

    What are Cylindrical Jars with Hinged Lid, and what are their primary applications?


     Cylindrical Jars with Hinged Lid offered by Gil Pack are specialized containers with a cylindrical shape and a hinged lid closure. These jars are commonly used for storing a wide range of products, including: granules, powders,  spices, herbs as well as capsules and tablets. These jars have a relatively wide opening so they are a perfect choice for any product that requires a wide opening and easy access to the content of the packaging.


    What materials are used to manufacture Cylindrical Jars with Hinged Lid?


    Gil Pack manufactures Cylindrical Jars with Hinged Lid from High Density PolyEthylene (HDPE) while the caps are made of Low Density PolyEthylene (LDPE). These materials ensure the safety and preservation of the contents.


    Are these jars available in different sizes and capacities?


    Yes, we offer Cylindrical Jars with Hinged Lid in sizes ranging from 50ml up to 1,500ml with a neck opening from 43mm up to 95mm. All dimensions are presented on our web site. 


    What makes Cylindrical Jars with Hinged Lid suitable for packing powders, granules and other pharmaceuticals?


     The hinged lid design of these jars allows for easy access to the contents while keeping them securely stored. This feature makes them ideal for packing pharmaceutical solids that need the easy access during filling and when used by the customer. In addition, the hinged cap has a tamper evident seal, providing evidence that the packaging was not opened. After tearing off this seal, the cap can be raised up while still attached to the jar neck. 


    Can I customize the color of Cylindrical Jars for branding purposes?


     Yes, we offer customization options for color of Cylindrical Jars with Hinged Lid, allowing you defrentiante your products on the shelf, and create a visual contrast to your competitors. We provide white jars as standard. In addition, we offer our clients jars in various colors: black, shiny metal silver, pearl pink or any other color upon your request and subject to our MOQ of 25,000 pcs. 


    Are the jars transparent for easy content identification?


     Cylindrical Jars are made of HDPE and as such, they have a natural milky, translucent color. They are not fully transparent so if we produce the jars without adding any color, you will get a milky color.


    Can I use these jars for storing food items like spices and herbs?


    Yes, these jars are suitable for storing various food items like spices, herbs, nuts, and small snacks. 

    Can I order Cylindrical Jars with Hinged Lid in bulk quantities?


     Certainly! Gilplastic caters to bulk and wholesale orders for Cylindrical Jars with Hinged Lid, offering cost-effective solutions for businesses and retailers requiring larger quantities.


    How can I get in touch with Gil Pack to inquire about Cylindrical Jars with Hinged Lid or discuss my specific packaging needs?


    To inquire about Cylindrical Jars with Hinged Lid or discuss your packaging requirements, you can easily contact our team through our website. Our experts are ready to assist you in finding the perfect storage solution for your products.

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