Medical Syrup Bottles

    Application: Round bottles for liquid medicine, syrups, granules, powders, pharmaceutical & cosmetic products.

    Material: HDPE (High-density polyethylene)

    Closures: We offer 28 mm closures, measuring cups, spoons, syringes and other complementary packaging items.

    Colors: white, any custom color is available for a minimum order of 20,000 units.

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    What are medical syrup bottles made of, and are they safe for pharmaceutical use?


    Medical syrup bottles at Gil Pack are typically made of high-quality HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene), which is FDA-approved and safe for pharmaceutical use. These bottles are designed to maintain the integrity and safety of medical syrups and liquid medications

    What size options are available for medical syrup bottles?


    Yes, many of our medical syrup bottles feature child-resistant closures, providing an additional layer of safety and security for households with children. These specialized closures reduce the risk of accidental ingestion, ensuring the well-being of young patients. Along with the Child Resistant Caps, we supply measuring cups, spoon, syringes and other dosing devices.

    Can I customize the color of the medical syrup bottles?


     Certainly! At Gil Pack, we offer customization options for the color of medical syrup bottles, allowing you to enhance your brand’s visibility and create packaging that stands out in the market.

    Are the medical syrup bottles suitable for various liquid medications?


    Yes, our medical syrup bottles are designed to accommodate a wide range of liquid medications, including syrups, cough medicines, herbal extracts, and other oral formulations. They provide a safe and convenient solution for dispensing and administering liquid medications.

    Do the medical syrup bottles meet quality and regulatory standards?


    Absolutely! Gil Pack adheres to stringent quality control measures according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 15378:2017, ensuring that our medical syrup bottles meet all necessary regulatory standards and industry requirements.

    Can I request samples of the medical syrup bottles before placing an order?


    Yes, we understand the importance of evaluating our products before making a decision. You can request samples of our medical syrup bottles to assess their suitability for your specific pharmaceutical needs, conduct stability test and run our bottles on your filling and capping line, before placing your first order.

    Are the medical syrup bottles compatible with automatic filling machines?


    Yes, our medical syrup bottles are produced in an accurate production process ensuring that products are within narrow tolerances and thus compatible with automatic filling machines, streamlining your production process and enhancing efficiency.

    What are the options for bulk or wholesale orders of medical syrup bottles?


    We offer flexible options for bulk and wholesale orders of medical syrup bottles, ensuring cost-effective solutions for pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers seeking to purchase in larger quantities.

    How can I get in touch with Gilplastic to discuss my specific packaging requirements for medical syrup bottles?


    To discuss your packaging needs or request a quote for medical syrup bottles, you can easily reach us through our contact us page. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in finding the ideal packaging solution for your liquid medications and medical syrups.

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