Cylindrical Wide Mouth Jars with Screw Caps

Plastic jars for filling and packing pharmaceuticals and food supplements in the form of powder, pills, lotions, ointments, capsules, soft gel and more. The advantage of these jars is their wide mouth, which is particularly suitable for filling powders, leaves, inflorescences and other products requiring a wide opening.

Raw Material: High-density polyethylene HDPE (usually comes in opaque white).

Matching closures89 mm Child-Resistant caps (suitable for the packing of medical cannabis products for example) or non-CR smooth screw caps.
We supply caps with various types of liners for hermetic sealing and tamper evidence: pressure-sensitive liners, induction heat-sealed liners, and others.

Color: White, or any other color, as per the client’s request, for minimum orders of 25,000 pieces.

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