Glass Bottles and Jars

    At Gil Pack we import and sell pharmaceutical amber glass bottles and jars as well as flint glass bottles and jars.

    We mainly focus on the supply of quality glass packaging for pharmaceuticals and food supplements.

    Therefore we keep stock of:

    • Amber glass tablet jars,
    • Amber glass syrup bottles,
    • Amber glass vials
    • And more…

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    What types of glass bottles and jars accessories does Gilpack offer?



    Gilpack offers a diverse range of glass bottles and jars, as well as their complementary accessories: caps, closures, seals, and dispensing elements (syringes, spoons, droppers, measuring cups) designed to complement and enhance your glass packaging solutions.


    Are the glass bottles and jars accessories compatible with various sizes and shapes of containers?



    Yes, Gilpack provides accessories that are designed to be compatible with a wide range of glass bottles and jars, accommodating different sizes (ml), neck diameters, and shapes.




    Are glass bottles and jars produced by Gilpack?



    We offer glass packaging: bottles and jars, as a complementary to our own produced product line. We believe in selling good service and not just a good product, therefore we have extended our product range to include not only pharma plastic packaging, but also glass packaging. The glass bottles and jars we offer are trade items and are produced by our partners worldwide: in Europe, in the USA and in Asia.


    Can I find different closure types for the glass bottles and jars?



    Gilpack offers a variety of closure types, including screw caps, flip-top caps, dropper caps, and more, allowing you to choose the closure that best suits your packaging needs. Some of these items, for example the CT Ribbed caps (33, 38, 45, 53, 63, 70 and 89mm) are produced in our factories in Ashdod and Ein Shemer (Israel), while other items are produced by our partner suppliers. We have a full range of caps and closure to fit glass packaging, as part of our philosophy to sell a good service and not just a good product.


    Do you provide custom printing or labeling options for the glass bottles and jars accessories?



    We offer our major customers a customization of our plastic caps and closures that are produced by Gilpack and that are used with glass jars: a logo can be embossed on the caps that we produce, helping our customers to strengthen their brand.


    Are the accessories designed to ensure a secure and airtight seal for the glass bottles and jars?



    Yes, Gilpack’s glass bottles and jars accessories are designed with sealing and closure mechanisms that provide a secure and airtight seal, preserving the freshness and quality of your contents. Our caps for glass jars, are containing induction liners that are suitable for sealing on glass surface. Our dropper caps for glass bottles, have 100% sealing performance, preventing the liquid inside the bottle to spill or evaporate.


    Are child-resistant closures available for glass bottles and jars?



    Child-resistant closures are an essential safety feature. Gilpack offers a selection of closures, including child-resistant options in different diameters: 28mm, 33mm, 38mm, 45mm, 63mm, 70mm and 89mm, designed to prevent unintended access to the contents of glass bottles and jars.


    Can I order glass bottles and jars accessories in bulk quantities for my business needs?



    Certainly. Gilpack accommodates bulk and wholesale orders for glass bottles and jars accessories, making it convenient for businesses requiring larger quantities.


    How can I get in touch with Gilpack to inquire about glass bottles and jars accessories or discuss my packaging requirements?


     To inquire about glass bottles and jars accessories or discuss your packaging needs, you can easily contact our Gilpack team through our website. Our experts are ready to assist you in finding the perfect accessories to complement your glass packaging solutions.

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