PET Pill Jars

    Application: for filling and packing of medicine and food supplements: tablets, capsules and soft gels.
    PET Pill jars are offered in a variety of colors and sizes.

    Material: PET (Polyethylene terephthalate)

    Closureschild resistant closures or CT ribbed closures.

    Colors: amber, dark amber, cobalt blue, green, red, orange and many other colors.

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    FAQ for PET Pill Jars

    What are PET Pill Jars, and what are their primary applications?


     PET Pill Jars offered by Gil Pack are containers designed for storing and dispensing pills, capsules, and other medication that come in a solid form. These jars are commonly used in the production of food supplements, nutraceuticals, vitamins and minerals. 


    What materials are used to manufacture PET Pill Jars?


     PET Pill Jars are obviously produced from a polymer named: PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate). PET is a food-grade and pharmaceutical-grade material known for its clarity, lightweight, and excellent barrier against penetration of gasses to the packaging (oxygen, Co2 etc).


    Do these jars come in different sizes to accommodate various pill quantities?


     Yes, we offer PET Pill Jars in various sizes and capacities to suit different medication needs, different tablet sizes and quantities. Our PET pill jars are available in sizes ranging from 120ml up to 500ml, providing options for storing small to larger quantities of pills.


    Are PET Pill Jars child-resistant for medication safety?


     Yes, all our PET Pill Jars can be supplied with either a standard CT Ribbed Cap or with a Child-Resistant Closure to prevent unauthorized access to medication, ensuring the safety of children.


    Are PET Pill Jars airtight and moisture-resistant to protect medication integrity?


     Yes, these jars come with airtight seals and moisture-resistant features, ensuring that the stored medication remains protected from air, moisture, and external contaminants. 


    Are the PET Pill Jars recyclable and environmentally friendly?


     Yes, PET is a recyclable material, and using PET Pill Jars promotes environmental sustainability by reducing plastic waste. Moreover, Gil Pack offers PET pill jars made of Post Consumer Recycled PET material: PCR. For more information please click here.


    How can I get in touch with Gilplastic to inquire about PET Pill Jars or discuss my specific packaging needs?


     To inquire about PET Pill Jars or discuss your packaging requirements, you can easily contact our team through our website. Our experts are ready to assist you in finding the perfect storage solution for your medication and healthcare products, by combining a jar & cap complete solution.

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