Drosophila Bottle, 180ml (6oz)

    These wide base, narrow top, drosophila culture bottles allow an easy and efficient racking, filling and plugging.

    Made of PE (Polyethylene) the bottles are transparent to enable the researcher to clearly see the inside of the bottle.
    These bottles are not autoclavable. Upon request we can produce PP (Polypropylene) bottles that are even more transparent and are autoclavable.

    Closures: Compatible with cotton or paper plugs.
    Colors: transparent (natural PE).

    What are Drosophila Bottles, and what are they used for?


    rosophila Bottles produced by Gil Pack are specialized containers designed for use in Drosophila research and studies. They are commonly used by scientists and researchers in the field of genetics to culture and study fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster) for various biological experiments.

    What materials are used to manufacture Drosophila Bottles?


     Gil Pack manufactures Drosophila Bottles from PolyEthylene (PE) which is a relatively softer material and has a milky appearance. The other option we offer is Drosophila bottles made of PolyPropylene (PP). PP  is clearer than the PE and is more rigid and less flexible.

    Can these bottles accommodate food media for Drosophila culture?


    Yes, Drosophila Bottles are designed to accommodate food media or nutrient-rich agar to support the growth and development of fruit flies during research studies.

    Do the Drosophila Bottles come with proper ventilation features?


    Usually Drosophila research bottles are used with cotton (cellulose acetate) plugs, that enable breathing and ventilation of the flies inside the bottle.

    Can I order Drosophila Bottles in different sizes or capacities?


    While the Drosophila Bottles listed are 180ml (6oz), we offer various size options to cater to different research needs, ensuring you find the right container for your specific Drosophila culture requirements. This would require a new mold and some tooling in production. Contact us for more information.

    Are bottles scaled to enable an accurate filling of the food media? 


    Yes, Gil Pack Drosophila bottles have a scale embossed on the side of the bottle, for an easy filling and measurin

    Can I customize the labeling of the Drosophila Bottles for easy identification?


     While the bottles are primarily designed for scientific use, we offer customization options for labeling upon request to aid in easy identification and organization in the laboratory.

    Do the Drosophila Bottles come with leak-proof lids?


     Yes, Drosophila Bottles are equipped with secure and leak-proof lids to prevent any accidental spills or contamination of the culture media.

    Can I order Drosophila Bottles in bulk quantities for research projects?


     Gil Pack caters to bulk and wholesale orders for Drosophila Bottles, providing cost-effective solutions for research institutions and laboratories conducting extensive fruit fly studies.

    How can I get in touch with Gil Pack to inquire about Drosophila Bottles or discuss my specific research needs?


    To inquire about Drosophila Bottles or discuss your research requirements, you can easily contact our team through our website. Our experts are dedicated to assisting you in finding the perfect packaging solution for your Drosophila studies.

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