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    • Sprayer for hair products and cosmetics
    • Capillary Sprayers
    • And more.

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    FAQ for Plastic Sprayers for Pharmaceuticals

    What is the purpose of a 30ml specimen cup with a red screw cap and a spoon?



      A 30ml specimen cup with a red screw cap and a spoon is typically used for the collection, storage, and handling of small biological samples in medical and laboratory settings.


    Is this specimen cup suitable for single-use or can it be reused?



      Our 30ml specimen cups are primarily designed for single-use to ensure sample integrity and prevent contamination.


    What makes this specimen cup with a red screw cap and a spoon unique?



      This specimen cup includes a convenient spoon for easy sample retrieval and a red screw cap for secure sealing, making it ideal for precise sample collection and preservation.


    Are these specimen cups compliant with industry standards for medical and laboratory use?



      Miniplast ensures that our specimen cups meet industry standards for quality and safety, making them suitable for various medical and laboratory applications.


    Can I place bulk orders for these specimen cups with red screw caps and spoons?



          Yes, we welcome bulk and wholesale orders to meet the needs of healthcare facilities, laboratories, and research institutions. Contact us for bulk order details.


    Is customization available for these specimen cups?



          While customization options may be limited for this product, we offer branding and labeling services for other products in our catalog. Contact us to discuss customization possibilities.


    What are the advantages of using Miniplast's 30ml specimen cups with red screw caps and spoons?



      Our specimen cups are known for their quality, convenience, and secure sealing, ensuring accurate and efficient sample collection and handling.


    How can I obtain more information or place an order for these 30ml specimen cups from Miniplast?



      For additional information or to place an order, please visit our Contact Page. Our team is ready to assist with your specimen cup needs.

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