Custom Made Bottles, Jars & Caps

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Complementary packaging products

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Packaging for Cosmetics & SPA

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Bottles & Closures for Chemicals and Laboratories

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Packaging for Pharma & Food Supplements

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Gil Pack: Pharmaceutical Primary Packaging

We manufacture plastic bottles, containers, jars, caps and other related packaging solutions for the pharma, food and cosmetics sectors in compliance with their industry quality and hygiene requirements. We produce standard as well as custom blow & injection molding products and parts.

Custom Product Gallery

HDPE Plastic Bottle for Oil with TE Cap

Cosmetic Bottle 50m

Custom Made Bottle for Fly Trap

Flip Top Closure

53mm CR Cap In Custom Colors

HDPE Milk Bottle with handle 1L

HDPE Bottle for Chemicals 1L

HDPE 2L Container for Fabric Softener

Gualla Trigger Sprayer Bottles

HDPE Plastic Bottle for Vitamins 500ml

HDPE Plastic Bottle for Liquid Soap 2L

HDPE Plastic Bottle for Energy Drink 300ml

PET Bottle for Cosmetics 400ml

PET Bottle for Cosmetics 250ml with Overcap

PET Bottle for Cosmetics 120ml

HDPE Plastic Bottle for oil with pourer

Plastic Cooling Element 350ml

Perforated (Vented) Flip Top Cap

PET Oval Bottle for Soap and Shampoo 400ml

PET Bottle for Cosmetics 85ml

Rectangular motor oil plastic bottle

Polystyrene (PS) Bottle 500ml

Plastic Rectangular Container and Cover

Plastic Overcap (PP)

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