Plastic Carboys, Jerry cans and containers for industrial packaging

    Application: HDPE containers with a handle for storage, mixing and dispensing of bulk quantities of liquids, solvents & cleaning solutions.

    MaterialSecure Seal Cap DIN 60-31 (Bericap SK 60-31)

    Closures: We supply the ice packs with a plug to hermetically seal the bottle.

    Colors: Natural (Milky – half transparent PE). For any other custom color minimum quantity of 20,000 pcs.

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    FAQ for Plastic Jerry Cans and Carboys

    What are Plastic Jerry Cans and Carboys, and what are their primary applications?


    Plastic Jerry Cans and Carboys offered by Gil Pack are large-capacity containers designed for storing and transporting liquids. They are commonly used in various industries, including Food: for storage of sauces and different food products for industrial kitchens, AgroChemicals, Pestisizers, Solvents, Paints, Automotive products, and household products, for safe and efficient handling of bulk liquids. A Jerrycan would be a large size container, usually 2L or more, with a handle.

    What materials are used to manufacture Plastic Jerry Cans and Carboys?


    Gil Pack manufactures Plastic Jerry Cans and Carboys from high-quality and durable HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene). The caps are usually produced from PP (Polypropylene). These materials are known for their chemical resistance and strength, making them ideal for handling different types of liquids.

    What makes Plastic Jerry Cans and Carboys suitable for industrial applications?


    The robust construction and large capacities with the handle that enables an easy lifting, carrying and pouring, make them well-suited for industrial use, especially for storing chemicals, lubricants, cleaning agents, and other bulk liquids.

    Are these containers equipped with handles for easy transportation?


     Yes, Plastic Jerry Cans and Carboys are designed with sturdy handles, providing users with a comfortable grip and ease of transportation, even when the containers are filled to their capacity.

    Can I customize the size and design of Plastic Jerry Cans and Carboys?


     While we offer a range of standard sizes, we do offer customization options for size and design to meet specific industrial requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your liquid storage needs. Usually, producing a new size or shape of a Jerrycan would require making a new mold, this cost can reach a few tens of thousands of Dollars and should be considered in accordance with the product demand, price etc.

    Do Plastic Jerry Cans and Carboys come with tamper-evident features?


     Yes, our Plastic Jerry Cans and Carboys can be equipped with tamper-evident caps or closures to ensure the integrity of the contents during transportation and storage. We offer aluminum induction liners, liners with vents for evaporation of the product that is packed inside and other types of liners, suitable for aggressive chemicals and solvents. 

    Are Plastic Jerry Cans and Carboys made by Gil Pack recyclable?


    Yes, our Jerrycan are produced from HDPE (recycle symbol 02) and the caps are produced from PP (recycle symbol 05) which are both fully recyclable.

    Are Plastic Jerry Cans and Carboys stackable for efficient storage?


    Yes, these containers are designed with stackable features, allowing for efficient storage and space utilization in warehouses and industrial facilities.

    Is it possible to produce a custom made Jerrycan or carboy in a specific shape and dimensions?


    Yes, Gil Pack specializes in offering custom made solutions by blow molding and injection molding technology. We can support you from your early stage of development, by taking your concept and turning it into a fully designed product, producing the mold and then producing the Jerrycan or Carboy on a mass production basis.

    Are these containers suitable for both liquid and semi-solid substances?


     Yes, Plastic Jerry Cans and Carboys are versatile and can be used for storing both liquid and semi-solid substances, making them ideal for a wide range of applications: industrial or food. Usually, using a jerrycan would be suitable for selling different types of sauces to industrial kitchens.

    Can I order Plastic Jerry Cans and Carboys in bulk quantities?


     Certainly! Gil Pack caters to bulk and wholesale orders for Plastic Jerry Cans and Carboys, offering cost-effective solutions for industrial clients requiring large quantities.

    How can I get in touch with Gil Pack to inquire about Plastic Jerry Cans and Carboys or discuss my specific industrial packaging needs?


     To inquire about Plastic Jerry Cans and Carboys or discuss your packaging requirements, you can easily contact our team through our website. Our experts are ready to assist you in finding the perfect packaging solution for your industrial liquid storage needs.

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