: A Patented pouring valve for Sevoflurane applications. Our unique valve has
several advantages:

  • It can be applied on the market standard Glass bottles or on our plastic, PEN (PolyEthylene
    Naphthalate) bottles.
  • Our valve & bottle system can be used with any evaporating machine that is in the market,
    whether it is a BAXTER, Quick Fill or a Dragger machine.
  • Gil Pack specializes in the production of plastic PEN bottles which are lighter and safer to
    use compared to the traditional glass bottles. The PEN bottles have passed stability tests
    and are suitable for Sevoflurane applications.
  • Gil Pack solution complies with ISO 5360 Regulations Anaesthetic vaporizers — Agent
    specific filling systems.
  • Gil Pack is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 15378:2017 for Primary
    Pharmaceutical Packaging
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