Plastic Production Technologies

    Gil Pack operates a number of production lines, based on three different production technologies:

    Extrusion blow molding – for the production of HDPE, LDPE, PA (nylon), PP and PS bottles, jars and containers. In addition to the production of bottles, this technology enable us to produce a variety of hollow plastic products with inner space such as enema bottles, springs, floats etc.

    Stretch blow molding – for the production of PET and PEN (PolyEthylene Naphthalate) bottles and jars. Our PET and PEN packaging can be either transparent or semi-transparent, such as amber color, cobalt blue etc.

    Injection molding – for the production of caps, closures, Child Resistant Closures etc. A few advanced injection molding machines are operating in our factory, with sizes of between 50 – 180 Ton clamping force. Our injection molding machines are used mainly for producing plastic products for medical devices, caps and closures as well as micro injection for dental implants’ prosthetics.

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