Custom Injection molding

    30 years of experience in manufacturing injection molded plastic products for the medical sector. Production under Clean Room Conditions.


    You enjoy from our wide knowledge in the processes of production of injection molded, complicated parts, made of different raw materials such as: Acetal (POM), Nylon (PA), Polycarbonate (PC), ABS, PPSU, PEEK, PS, PP, PE and more.


    When to use our services?

    When you are looking for a producer who would be able to take your ideas and turn it into a product, supporting you through all stages of product developing, injection mold planning, injection mold production and final production of the plastic part.

    We prefer to deal with small or medium-size companies or projects, where service, quality, and high skills of plastic injection molding are required.

    We usually don’t deal with huge projects where the main concern is the product’s price.

    Stages in the design and production of injection molds

    • The Concept Stage: we work with you to design and develop the needed plastic product, we would usually produce a 3D printed prototype, to confirm that the product meets your specifications in terms of:
      product dimensions, functionality, aesthetic requirements, etc.
    • Manufacturing Injection Molds: Once the product design is accomplished we will assign the mission of producing the injection mold to one of our mold makers, each of them has is ability in a specific type of molds (medical, packaging, think wall products, etc).
      The cost and lead time of producing the injection mold are influenced by a few parameters:
    • Part geometry: Usually complex plastic parts would need complex and expensive injection mold.
    • Mold life time: How many pieces it is going to produce every year and for how many years? Is it going to be millions of pieces every year, or only a few thousands?
    • The scale of the project: How many molds are involved in the specific project and what is the urgency in delivering them? Projects with a few molds would probably be given to a large producer who can deliver several molds in a relatively short time.
    • Producing the product by injection molding: once the mold is ready, we will test it on one of our injection molding machines.
      In most cases, the mold has to go back to the mold makers after it has been tested, for final adjustments.
      Usually, we would discuss and agree with you, on all the critical parameters that have to be inspected by our QC team during the production of the injection molded part.
      After the mold is finished we will schedule it for production on one of our machines, to deliver it to you as soon as we can.

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