Custom Blow Molding

Consider developing your own, beautifully packaged product? Would you like your products to really stand out on the shelves?

Very fast, easy and economical you will be the owner of an exclusive, personal and outstanding custom packaging, or even, packaging-line!!!

Your benefit is our 30 years of experience in the production and development of custom-made plastic bottles and jars, produced according to your request.

We will support you from the stage of product design, creating a prototype, producing the blow mold and up to the last stage of producing the customized container or bottle, on one of our blow molding machines.

The Concept Stage

The process will begin from your vision for the required blow molded product.

This will be achieved by studying a preliminary bottle design or a sample of the requested plastic bottle or jar.

We will ask you the right questions about the product’s characteristics(including its volume/capacity, shape, the diameter of the bottle’s mouth, the material to be used in the manufacture of this plastic container and its functional purpose.

After we have a clear understanding of the plastic bottle design, one of the company’s designers will continue to work on the concept, until a final bottle or jar 3D file is created.

At this stage, we usually print a 3D prototype of the container and let you check and approve it, to confirm the container volume, product dimensions, the bottles’ visual appearance, etc.

Mold Development Stage

The decision as to which factory will carry out the project is determined by the project’s character, schedule and product type.

For example, large projects of over 10 different molds will, usually, be awarded to one of our European blow mold manufacturers who will be able to meet a timetable of two to three months from the start of work till the blow molds are completed.

Smaller, more complex projects we prefer to carry out in Israel so that we can closely supervise the process.

The cost of producing a blow mold is determined by the container size (volume), geometry (A blow mold for a container with a handle would usually be more expensive), or other specific requirements, such as a very thick product wall, performing manual work on the product after it has been blow molded and taken out of the mold etc.

Mold Revision Stage

Following the completion of the blow mold, it is tested to test the quality of the product produced from it.

Even if the blow mold is produced abroad, we will make sure that it is tested on a blow molding machine and get an example of the test product from the mold’s manufacturer so that our engineers can test it.

During the revision stage, we confirm the quality of the plastic container produced and, if needed, improve and modify the mold.

Production Phase

Once the final blow mold has been approved, it is then sent to our factory for regular production of the plastic bottle or jar.

Production rate is dependent on the manufacturing method (blow molding or stretch blow molding), the number of cavities in the mold and the time taken to complete a single product’s production cycle (cycle time).

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