750 ml Cylindrical Jars with Screw Caps

Plastic jars with a volume of 750 ml made of HDPE for filling and packing pharmaceuticals and food supplements in various forms such as: powder, lotions, ointments, pills, capsules, soft gel, and more. The jars’ wide mouth is also suitable for packing powders, leaves, medical cannabis inflorescences, and other products.

Caps: Smooth 89 mm diameter screw caps or 89 mm child-resistant caps (suitable for packing medical cannabis products). The caps can be supplied with different types of seals for hermetic sealing and tamper evidence: induction heat sealed liners, pressure sensitive liners, and more.

Material:  HDPE  Pcs/Box: 110 pcs.
 Volume (ml):  750 ml  Box Mesurements:  59X48.5X49 cm
 Maximal Volume (ml): 840 ml  No. of Boxes Per Pallet:  16 boxes
 Height (mm): 111.0 mm  Quantity Per Pallet:  1,760 Pcs.
 Body Diameter (mm):  92.0 mm  Pallet Measurements: 100X120X215 cm

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