500 ml Wide Mouth Plastic Jars: 89-400 Neck

500 ml wide mouth, cylindrical jars made of HDPE with an 89-400 neck finish, for packing powders, leaves, inflorescences and other food supplement or pharmaceutical product that requires a large opening.

Ideal for medical cannabis packaging
Our 500 ml jars are suitable for filling approximately 20 grams of cannabis flowers although this needs to be tested by the customer because it depends on the strain type, size and any other characteristic.

Matching closures89 mm child-resistant caps or non-CR smooth screw caps.

 White, or any other color, for a minimum order of 25,000 units.

Material:  HDPE  Pcs/Box: 175 pcs.
 Volume (ml):  500 ml  Box Mesurements:  59X48.5X49 cm
 Maximal Volume (ml): 520 ml  No. of Boxes Per Pallet:  16 boxes
 Height (mm): 83.0 mm  Quantity Per Pallet:  2,800 Pcs.
 Body Diameter (mm):  92.0 mm  Pallet Measurements: 100X120X215 cm


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