Water Sampling Bottle 300ml, Transparent with Scale

Water Testing Bottle, 300ml, transparent, with scale. For sampling hot water or cold water in production proccesses, water resources, pools, SPA etc.

This bottles can be used also for any other laboratory applications that requires liquid measuring, handling or storing.

Meterial:  PSPC  QTY/Box: 240 pcs. 
 Capacity:  300 ml  Box Size:  59X48.5X49 cm
 Brimfull Capacity: 342.66 ml  Box/Pallet:  16 boxes
 Height (mm): 89.3 mm  QTY/Pallet:  3,840 pcs. 
 Body Dia (mn):  72.3 X 72.3 mm  Pallet Dims: 100X120X215 cm



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