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Seals and Liners for Closures and Caps

Seals and Liners for Closures and Caps

As a producer of plastic caps and closures, we offer a variety of liners that we insert to our caps, according to our customer request. A liner has a few functions: preventing leak from bottle, protecting the product from penetration of humidity and oxygen and providing proof of opening to the bottle. Among the liners we offer are: 

  • Pressure sensitive liners.
  • Induction heat seal aluminium liner. We offer a few types of this liner, according to the type of bottle that is going to be used: PE, PET or Glass bottle.
  • EPE (Expanded Polyethylene) used for improving seal between closure to bottle. 
  • Teflon liner which is ideal for solvents, chemical and agro chemical products. 

For any other liners required or other request please contact us