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Gil Pack is a leading producer of pharmaceutical packaging solutions: bottles, jars, caps and closures for the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries. The company also produces plastic products for medical devices and medical applications, by injection molding.

Gil Pack, established in 1987 in Ashdod, Israel, offers a range of over 200 different standard packaging solutions for our customers worldwide: UK, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, Thailand and more.

We use different production technologies to provide complete packaging solutions to our customers:

Extrusion blow molding - for the production of HDPE, LDPE and PP bottles, jars and containers. 

Stretch blow molding - for the production of PET bottles and jars. 

Injection molding - for the production of caps, closures, Child Resistant Closures, as well as precise plastic parts for medical devices and micro injection molding of plastics for dental implants' prosthetics.

In 2016 the company acquired Miniplast Ein-Shemer ( from Kibbutz Ein-Shemer in order to enlarge its activity in the medical sector. Miniplast produces plastic labware for research laboratories and hospitals: Petri dishes, Inculating loops (our brand name: QuadLoops), Centrifuge tubes, Specimen cups and sampling cups. Miniplast has clean rooms (ISO 5 and ISO 6). 

In total, Gil Pack operates more than 20 machines for the production of medical plastic products by injection and blow molding techniques as well as automated assembly machines and printing machines. The company has a range of premium medical and pharmaceutical customers in the USA, UK, The Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Hungary, Argentine, Chile, Thailand and more. 

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