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Gil Pack specializes in offering a tailor made "Total packaging solution" by providing a large variety of complementary packaging components.

Some of our complementary packaging items are produced by Gil Pack, some are sourced from our reliable suppliers, with whom we have a long working epxerience, located in Germany, France, England, USA, Taiwan, Austria, Italy the Netherlands and some other countries.

Gil Pack offers a range of products: 

  • Measuring cups and measuring spoons, Syringes for oral medicine, Syringes for Veterinary applications.
  • Sprayers: Nasal Sprayers, Sprayers with Throat Applicator and Fine Mist Sprayers. 
  • Disc top and Flip top caps, Lotion Pumps and other cosmetic packaging items.
  • Liners of different types: Pressure Sensitive liners, Induction Heat Sealed liners, EPE liners and more.
  • Glass bottles and jars.

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